Alone But Not Lost


There’s a woman living in the former asylum at the edge of the woods. She’s locked herself away with nothing but her secrets and lies, and spends her days drinking wine, trolling the internet and counting the locks on her doors. Her name is Sin, because like her mother always said she’s the result of a night best forgotten.


Glyn Morgan has been in prison for twenty years but now they’ve set him free. The memories of her childhood pick at Sin’s brain until she can’t think straight. She has to burn or bury everything, and then run before Glyn and all those secrets and lies catch up with her. Yes. That's what she'll do, run. Before it's too late.





PC Sara Jones believes the law is there to be obeyed.  

No exceptions.

Despite being bullied, isolated and forced to question her sanity, she remains determined to prove a fellow officer is guilty of rape.


Sin believes everybody is out to get her.

Perhaps they are. Perhaps it’s time she fought back.


The Edge is book two in the ALONE trilogy— a psychological suspense novel about two women being pushed to their limit.



Sara Jones escapes the police force to live in a quiet Cornish village—but she doesn’t escape far enough.


Alan Meadows is tired of being a stranger and thinks now might be the right time to settle down—but he’s unsure who he can trust.


Sin wants what she’s always wanted. Freedom.

Covers created by the multi-talented K R Griffiths

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